Music to Get Lost in: Weezer “Only in Dreams”

I have a very intense love hate relationship with the band Weezer. When I was a teenager they released two albums (The Blue Album, Pinkerton) that came to define my teenage years. They went on hiatus in the late 90’s and when they returned in the early 2000’s without bass guitarist Matt Sharp, something was off. The albums that followed (The Green Album, Meldroit, Make Believe, the Red Album, and Rattitude) were still full of the catchy, crunchy riff, with geeky undertones that I loved, but lacked the smart, ironic, sadness that made their first two albums classics.

Only in Dreams, the last track on Weezer’s debut album is a perfect example of what made Weezer great. It’s silly, grandiose, and melancholy all at the same time. Only in Dreams is also  very special to me. As a teenager, this song gave shape to the feeling of loneliness that I felt at the time. But as an adult the song evolved along with me and it came to represent the optimism of finding love. That is why the wifey felt so strongly that no other track would do as our wedding song.

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