Videos like the one for Turtle Giant “We were Kids”, always leave me me feeling a bit resentful. We’ve all seen this kind of music video a thousad times over. Just a random collection of young adults just fooling around being young. The kids in the video are always shown being skinny, and beautiful and drunk on the optimism. I reflect back to my days when I was a teenager and in my early twenties, and I don’t ever recall my friends and I ever acting or feeling like this. We hung out and acted the fools, but there was almost a self destructive quality to it all. We did the ol’ laughing to keep from crying bit. I honestly can’t say that I have ever crossed paths with a carefree spirit before. Do those folks even exit? Are you out there? And if you aren’t the figments of the music video directors imagination, then tell me, what is the the secret to your chill?

With that being said, the song sure does make me want to hop around on my bed. I mean, if I wasn’t so jaded and stuff.

For those that are interested, Turtle Giant was formed in 2009 in Sãn Paulo Brazil, and according to their Facebook page, they currently reside in Macao, China. Hmmmm, that’s interesting. I wonder how they ended up there. Probably took a wrong turn somewhere and enjoyed the scenery so much that they chose to stick around. Anyway, go check em’ out.

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