The sun’s heart lifting rays were coming through the blinds, alerting me that it was another beautiful, sunny, summer day in Chicagoland. I thought to myself “This is awesome. It looks gorgeous out there and I don’t have to go to work. I love me a good Saturday!” I turn over to wrap my arms around my sleeping wife, only to find nothing but empty space next to me. I figured nature called and she’s was in the bathroom. I grab my phone and I see I have 1 unread text message. It’s from the wifey. It read “Made it. Love you! Kissy face”. She was at work. But why? She doesn’t work on the weekends. That’s when the nurons in the ol’ dome piece started firing up, and the true horror of what just happened hit me. It wasn’t Saturday. It was Friday. I still had 9 more hours of confinement to deal with at work before I earned my freedom for the weekend. Dammit!

Usually, starting my day on such a disappointing note would be enough for me to just notch the entire day up as a loss. But not this morning. I picked up my earphones and popped them in the ear holes, started up the 8track app, and went hunting for a playlist that might salvage my day. I came across a playlist apply named Summer Vibin’. The first song that come on was Maklemore & Ryan Lewis – Can’t Hold Us. It was just what the doctor ordered. The song got me motivated to face the rest of the day. But motivated just seems to tame of a word to describe what I was actually feeling. I think 19 year old me can better describe what I felt. “That jam got me hype!”

Well said buddy, well said.

As Much as I love the original version of Maklemore’s “Cant Hold Us”, I came across another version on Youtube featuring Ryan Lewis, Kendrick Lamar & Childish Gambino, that I thought was even better. Who needs 5 hour Energy when there are tracks like this to get you going? Now if you’ll excuse me I suddenly got the urge to go running  through a few brick walls.

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