When I started Lost Around the Block a couple of months back, I didn’t really have a firm idea of what exactly I would be doing. I knew I wanted to use it as a vehicle to get me to write on a regular basis, but what exactly I was going to be writing about was not at all clear to me. I worried, and still do to some degree, that LATB was started purely on impulse, and that I wouldn’t have the attention span to follow through. So far so good.

I threw a couple of ideas around. Maybe I would turn it into a blog about ADHD or anxiety. Perhaps I would reach out to others and get them to tell me about how they managed to achieve some life long dream. But when I sat down and started typing away, what came out where stories about myself and my family. Some memories were painful, others brought a smile to my face. I began to explore events in my life that I had not thought about in years. More importantly it made me want to go back and learn more about my parents, and my siblings, and some of the important people in my life. I was curious to find out why did our lives take the course that it did? Why was there so much pain and regret? What caused us all to kinda’ go off on our separate ways and fend for ourselves. Why do we all feel a little lost?

I called my mom up today. I was curious to know if she could recall any details about something that I had experienced as a child almost 28 years ago, that I intended to use for my next blog post. Surprisingly my mom remembered a whole lot. And I got an adult perspective that I was lacking in my recollection. This got us to talk about other events. Things that I had never known about my mom, and dad. I found it all so fascinating. There is so much about my family that I just don’t know about. Things that I desperately want to learn. I asked my mother if she would mind if I called her up over the coming weeks and interview her a bit about our family history. My mom without any hesitation agreed. I am extremely grateful that my mom is willing to share stories that I know are extremely painful for her.

Thank you so much for the help mom. I truly appreciate it. I love you for all you have done, and all that you are still willing to do for us.

Today’s musical selection is brought to you by Father John Misty. The song is Fun Times in Babylon. I wish I had a more specific reason for selecting this song, but the truth is that this track just plainly fits my mood right now. Good Night.

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