Oh Mondays, how I loathe thee. You always manage to hamper the optimism built from a carefree weekend. I get a sense that Monday just get’s a kick out of it. It like’s to come around and serve me up a cup of it’s blackest, most bitter coffee, mixed with a spoonful of reality. Monday, seriously, why must you be such a dick?

My day starts off with a brief message reminding me that I am a long way from where I envision myself being at this point in my life. It got me feeling a bit deflated. Trust me, you never want to start of the day trying to figure out how to climb over your own personal Mt. Everest. It makes the rest of your day seem so daunting. Plus I have work to look forward to later on today. Which just kinda’ puts the icing on the crap cake. I need to figure out how to be more like Sam Cooke and believe A Change is Gonna Come”. But I tell ya it sure is hard sometimes, especially when you don’t feel like there aren’t any viable options at your disposal. I need to get my hands on some patience. Too bad it seems that patience is in such low supply around these parts.

I was getting ready to post a sad, mopey song, to go with my mood. Thankfully I scrapped that idea. I figured why should we all be feeling bummy today? So instead I’m going in the opposite direction. Here is Generationals – “Spinoza”.

Generationals hail from the Big Easy and just released their third album this past April on Polyvinyl Records.

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