I find myself writing a heck of a whole lot lately. I spend a good chunk of my day just trying to figure out ways to get better at it after years of neglect. I’m having some fun just experimenting with my style, in order to create a flow that is easy going and grounded. I’m pushing myself creatively like I’ve never had before. And let me tell you, it feels absolutely fantastic. Granted that my writing has suffered some atrophy, but in time I hope that it will come as easy to me as taking a comforting deep breath.

The most challenging aspect is just trying to juggle everything I got going on. Between work, writing, and taking care of business on the homefront, it doesn’t leave me with a whole lot of spare time to just relax and set my thought process to off. Hopefully, in the long run I will get better at managing my time too. I guess life is all about striking the right balance.

So many lessons to learn. So little time to learn them all.

Today’s Music to Get Lost in features the musical styling of Bombay Bicycle Club. They are a British indie band from London. If you’ve never heard of them, then I suggest you go ahead and look them up. Bombay has this real smooth, introspective vibe, that always get my attention. And I’m pretty sure they will manage to snag yours.

Track: Lights out, Words Gone

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