One Second at a Time

Anxiety and ADHD makes dealing with adversity a bit more challenging. Stressful situations are best handled with a clear and focused mind, and yet that is a luxury that folks with disorders like mine are not afforded. I am trying with all my might to take-in a boat load of information that is both technical and tedious, in order to make an assessment on how best to deal with a particular problem that we are dealing with. But no matter how much I try to grasp what exactly I am looking at, nothing that I am reading will sink.

With that failure, comes a sense of frustration. I’m trying to stay cool under pressure. I understand that if I allow my frustration to get the better of me, it might send me down a downward spiral that will take a few days to climb out off. And I seriously don’t have the time to waste feeling sorry for myself. So I breath. I try to clear my mind of all doubts. I try to reconcile with the idea that my problem are not going to be solved tonight. But that the weight of our burdens will lessen over time if I stay resolute.

I need to learn how to take things one second at a time. That’s the only way I am going to get over the hump. I just hope I can manage to be patient enough to let things play themselves out.

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