When I got up this morning to let the furballs out I was greeted by an unusually cool breeze. I looked at my phone to get the temperature. It read 58 degrees. Really? Last time I checked the calendar I could have sworn that it said we were still in July. I was under the impression that I had about another 3 months before I would have a need to pull out the sweaters out of storage. Making things cooler still is the fact that the gassy fireball in the sky is playing peek-a-boo behind some plumpy dark clouds. When that cold air hit me this morning I was almost convinced that I had been in a comatose state and had awoken some time in the middle of October. Chicagoland weather is so freaking skitzo sometimes.

Perhaps today’s weather calls for some classical or orchestral music. I can’t say that I’m really big on that genre. But there is a time and place for almost everything in life. Besides, I think it’s good for the soul to expand our horizons every once in awhile. If we took more time to contemplate things that we thought were not worth our time and day, perhaps so many of us wouldn’t have that lingering feeling that we were missing out on something.

I don’t know who is playing today’s featured track. But the music is the Cloud Atlas Sextet Piano Original.

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