Going for a Walk

Hopscotch (Photo credit: giltay)

Mira nene

That’s the way to go

Says the old man

Pointing frantically in the other direction

Dios te bendiga

I tell him

But like Mr. Frost before me

I got my own promises to keep

and a shit load of miles to go

before this nigga gets to sleep

I walk pass the bodegas with the open tabs

I ignore la barras that abuelito drowned in

I push pass the pusher peddling promises

Of an Eternal Sunshine for my not-so- spotless mind

I step over faded hopscotch outlines

drawn on cracked asphalt

being torn from underneath

by jailbreaking weeds

Empty lots and burnt out car husks

Greet me at the next bend

Pop, Pop, Pop

I hear another body drop

A young mother cries out

Damn another kid gonna grow-up

Knowing all about them nigger-rican blues

But not this nigga

Not me, no how

I’ve been immersed in those blues my whole life

But you best believe

I won’t be committing rock-n-roll suicide

My life will amount to more than a statistic

Because I’m not about surviving

Now if I could only figure out how to do the thriving

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