Music to Get Lost In: Corinne Bailey Rea – I’d Do It All Again

Music to Get Lost in
Music to Get Lost in

I tried to be a responsible adult by going to bed at a reasonable time last night. I was hoping to get the doctor recommended 8 hours of sleep for a change.  Well it turns out that the only thing that I got for calling it a day early was waking up about 3 hour earlier than I needed too.  I just couldn’t get myself to go back to sleep. Time sure crawls at a snails pace when you’ve got nothing to do but stare up at the ceiling and twiddle your thumbs at 3 a.m.  At least I get to sleep in tomorrow.

I know it’s Friday and all but I don’t feel like listening to anything that will cause you to shake what your mama gave ya’. The sweet and tender vocals of Corinne Bailey Rea feel a bit more appropriate considering my present sleep deprived circumstances.

Track: I’d Do It All Again

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