Music to Get Lost in: Silverchair – World Upon Your Shoulders

Music to Get Lost in
Music to Get Lost in

When I’m in the process of writing one of my biweekly long-form post I like to have music playing in the background. This is just a habit I’ve gotten used to and it helps me ease my way through the story. Since the next post happened to be about a series of events that occurred to me in 2002 I figured I might want to play some of the tracks that were were featured heavily on my CD player rotation. That in turn inspired me to feature some of those tracks for my Music to Get Lost in segment. Take a little trip with me down memory lane.

First track up is Silverchair’s – World Upon your Shoulders from their third album Diorama. I will grant you that the song may not have the greatest lyrics in the world and it is a little melodramatic. But this was 2002, and I was in love, and I couldn’t get enough of this track. Besides I had been a fan of Silverchair since I had first heard their debut album Frogstomp some 7 years earlier.

Even though the song has aged just a bit since I first heard it I still must say that I dig this track immensely.

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