I Get By With a Little Help From my Friends

I don’t tend to go out as much as I used too. Not that I was a party monster or anything like that. It was just that my idea of a night out consisted of finding a decent spot to chill with my friends, sharing good conversations over cold beers. Nothing fancy. Just some nice social bonding. Once I started getting a little older, my priorities began to change. I became a bit more introspective. I focused on seeing the bigger picture. And although I think that this change in my focus has benefited me greatly and has led to some personal growth, it also has made me quite the boring fucker. Thankfully two of my closest buds came to my rescue yesterday and reminded me what having fun felt like. But that took a bit of doing on their part.

Beerfest was making it’s fall return to Chicago’s Union Station, and D & D where on a mission to partake in the festivities. It was beer or bust for the dynamic duo of David and David. They had invited me to go too, figuring that I could use a dozen drinks or so. I wasn’t really to keen on the idea. Not because the thought of trying out over 30 types of beer from across the country was unappealing. But because the entrance to the event was 40 smackers and the wifey and I had a few expenses that were seriously eating into our budget.

My buddies were not really interested in taking no for an answer; so for one evening and an entire morning they used every tactic at their disposal to get me to come out and play. Question my man hood? They did that. Take me on a guilt trip by reminding me that they both flew to Cabo for my wedding? They did that too. They pressed every button they could possibly push, hoping that I would cave. But I just laughed them off, and told them in no uncertain terms I would not be joining them. I was trying to be a responsible adult here. No room for fun. Fun cost money. I had none. So the way I saw it, it was much ado about nothing. Well finally, after a relative lull in their relentless assault I got one final text from them. “We bought your ticket. Picking you up at 11:30am. Be ready.” FUCK!

I wasn’t in the mindset to go out and enjoy myself. I had thing around the house that needed to get done. The yard could use to cleaning, the laundry needed to be washed, the fur-balls could use a bath, there was stuff to write. Much to do, not a whole lot of time. Beerfest was the furthest thing on my mind. Which is exactly why it was the perfect thing for me to take part in; and why I am so glad my friends forced my hand.


Nothing amazing happened. Just 3 friends hanging out in a sea of hipsters and yuppies, drinking up, having a blast, talking about dumb shit for an entire afternoon. What a novel idea. Why have we not done this more? I can’t even remember the last time I laughed that hard. It was such a blast. And what really did it for me, was that I wasn’t being mindful about anything. I wasn’t worrying about bills, or family stuff, carb content, or work. And if any one of us was dumb enough to get too serious, you could count on the other two to mock you mercilessly forcing you to snap out of it. Seriously I needed that.

Being mindful and responsible is a good thing, but I’m not so sure it’s all that great to be so serious all the time. Permit yourself a timeout from worrying about tomorrow every now and then. Some of us, like myself, can really benefit from enjoying a bit of levity. It’s good for the soul. Even better for your sanity. I for one hope not to allow so much time to pass between laughs. I think it’s way healthier that way. I owe my friends a big thank you for getting me to come out. I had a great time. And if it never happens again…well at least we will always have Beerfest 2013.

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