Watch “Father John Misty- When You Are Smiling And Astride Me [FULL ALBUM STREA…” on YouTube

It’s been a while since I’ve heard a love song that felt as powerful as Father John Misty’s “When You Are Smiling and Astride Me”. It’s everything a love song should be, passionate, sensual, awkward, and real. Happy Valentine’s Day you crazy kids.



P.S.: If your interested in the lyrics ai will post them below so you cansingg this little jam to your S.O.

There’s no need to fear me
Darling, I love you as you are when you’re alone
I’ll never try to change you
As if I could, and if I were to, what’s the part that I’d miss most?
When you’re smiling and astride me
I can hardly believe I’ve found you and I’m terrified by that

I’ve got nothing to hide from you
Kissing my brother in my dreams or finding God knows in my dreams
You see me as I am, it’s true
Aimless, fake drifter, and the horny manchild models for to boot
That’s how you live free
Truly see and be seen

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